Welcome to Blue Horizon Wild

Founded on the shores of California’s Monterey Bay, by John Battendieri, natural foods pioneer and lifelong fisherman.

“I saw the problems of overfishing every time I went out on my boat. It was too easy to just complain, I wanted to do something about it”.


Ten years ago, John set out to build a seafood company committed to rebuilding native fisheries for future generations while providing healthy, delicious seafood for today’s consumer.

“Seafood today reminds me of the early days of organic foods, before there were USDA standards. The industry needs new direction. Blue Horizon Wild wants to be one of the companies that helps show the way.”

Blue Horizon Wild is committed to

Preserving Wild fish and the ocean habitat they depend on.

Protecting Fish and the oceans ecosystem through environmentally responsible fishing techniques - such as hand-lining, poll and troll lines, drift and gill nets, and traps.

Responsibly-sourcing Fish recommended on the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program as “Good Alternative” or “Best Choice” and/or certified by Marine Stewardship Council.

Supporting Local Fishermen and their and families - by paying a premium for their sustainably harvested fish.

Clean Label: no antibiotics or growth hormones; no trans fats, fillers, or chemical preservatives; No sulfites or tripolyphosphates; plus testing of fish for mercury and PCBs.

Delighting Your Taste Buds and Your Health: Premium-grade seafood, restaurant-quality ingredients and a great alternative to meat and poultry.


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