Wildy Delicious Seafood

We offer 18 unique, value-added seafood dishes. All made with sustainable, wild seafood. Never farmed, never red-listed. But Blue Horizon is more than just wild..


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Clean Label

Because it’s wild, our seafood does not contain growth hormones or antibiotics used in farm raised seafood.  We don’t use chemicals like sulfites and tripolyphosphates, and we never use GMOs, Trans fats, fillers or artificial anything in processing. Also, a number of our products are gluten-free.


Seafood in general is a healthy alternative to meat and poultry; lower in calories and a rich source of DHA Omega 3s. For example, our Surf Burgers have 80% less fat than a beef burger, and fewer calories and less sodium than a veggie burger

Great Tasting

None of that matters unless our products taste delicious. Because we use only premium grade seafood,  processed fresh or flash frozen at sea, blended with natural spices, cheeses and other savory ingredients we can deliver year-round restaurant-quality seafood, you can enjoy anytime at home

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